Medical Tourism


The private health care sector in Mauritius has seen impressive growth in recent years. This is largely due to increasing numbers of medical tourism visiting Mauritius to avail of good quality medical care at a cost that is priced considerably lower than other developed countries.

The 17 private clinics in Mauritius have a combined bed capacity of 600 and there are in excess of 400 doctors and physicians employed at these facilities. Health services available facilities include primary, secondary, tertiary, cardiac and dental treatments. Two of the more prominent facilities are the Wellkin Hospital and the Fortis Clinique Darne. Many expatriates currently resident in Mauritius prefer to use private health facilities.

Holders of Mauritius health insurance are advised to use private health clinics where possible as they are equipped with modern medical technology while their doctors and nurses are proficient in a number of languages and trained to international standards.

MedicareMauritius is a facilitator for health care services in a international platforms such as Hair Transplant, Cosmetics Surgery operations, Eye Surgery (cataract), dentistry esthetic and implantory, fertility treatment and bariatric surgeries  for patients from all Europe, Middle East, and some countries in the world.

The staff at hair transplant and cosmetic surgery clinic speak English, French, Russian, Chinese.

Medicaremauritius offers English, German, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, French, Italian translators upon request. Medicaremauritius will make accomodation arrangements for patients and their families. Medicaremauritius also provides free transportation services between the airport and the facility and a personal escort upon request. Patients can receive assistance with Visa arrangements as well.

MedicareMauritius cater for all needs from your Airtickets, accomodation in first class Hotels on the beach, transportation, tours etc…

We are the points of contact between the patients, doctors and help the patients as well as companions throughout their stay. They send us regular updates about the progress of treatment and if requested to the relatives back home also. We can offer a complete service package from arranging treatment, travel, concierge services, accommodation, visas to directly contacting the hospitals and doctors that will treat.

medical tourism mauritius

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