We provide professional competences at the highest level for escort repatriation in Mauritius

Medicaremauritius is a 24/7, 365 day medical, health, travel and technical assistance service organization specialized in medical escort repatriation in Mauritius

Our doctors and nurses are highly qualified to provide integral support for patients and as well as medical repatriation in  if needed.

Our experience in the field enables us to perform, even in cases of extremely short notice, escort repatriation  in Mauritius in the best possible medical and logistically, any patient found on the African continent or in the Indo-Oceanic.

Medicaremauritius monitors patient records necessitating  repatriation  and offers the guarantee of a faultless assessment of all medical cases .

Since 2011 more than twenty patients have benefited from medical and logistical support high medicaremauritius needs for emergency medical repatriation.

Medical monitoring and all the formalities of embarkation and disembarkation in case of  repatriations are carried out by our highlyqualified team and under the supervision of Dr. Aziz Foondun, CEO of medicaremauritius who personally has made many medical escort repatriation  to Switzerland, Spain, UK, France, India and South Africa.

Our medical escort personnel are aero medically trained and accompany the patient every step of the way. Medicaremauritius staff are trained not only to assist and monitor our patients but to help relieve the stress and anxiety associated with escort repatriation.

If you are visiting the island of Mauritius for holidays, leisure, weddings, business trips or conferences, Medicaremauritus is your ideal travel and healthcare companion on the island. Medicaremauritius, deliver a wide range of professional travel, and medical assistance products and services, for individuals, leisure travellers and tourists visiting the island of Mauritius.

Medicaremauritius has been delivering assistance and escort repatriation in Mauritius to tourists and travellers visiting our island. Medicaremauritius offers the leading Island Doctor membership, which provides a host of travel assistance benefits for tourists and leisure travellers, on holiday, and visiting Mauritius.

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